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Behind Our Decision to Change The Title of "Ahli Neraka"

Hey Arkanerds, hope you all doing well.

As you may have already known, we are developing a hell-themed idle game titled "Ahli Neraka Tycoon" to help improve workers' mental health. This game will enable them to play a game at the office without disturbing their day-to-day job. We're surprised that even the premise of the game could garner positive receptions from numerous local and regional media.

Today we would like to announce a change in the game's title. We did a survey and found out that some parts of society may consider the title sensitive. Ahli Neraka, while it can be roughly translated to a Hell Expert, is commonly associated with a religious concept in Indonesia.

As we aim to improve people's mental health, we strive to be inclusive and avoid offending anyone (and thus disturb their mental health!), even if we meant it as a joke. Because of that, we decided to change the title of our next game from Ahli Neraka Tycoon to Bos Neraka Tycoon (or Hell Boss Tycoon, in English).

Bos Neraka Tycoon will be the first in the Bos Tycoon series. We already have several games in our arsenal, which we believe will make your life less boring! :)

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Aug 26, 2022

Nice ✨

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