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Arkana Games Announces the Development of Bos Neraka Tycoon

Arkana Games, an indie game developer from Indonesia who develop games for the grown-ups, announces that its latest title, Bos Neraka Tycoon, is currently in development. Arkana Games wishes the game could help to introduce Indonesian shamanism as a cultural heritage.

In this hell-themed idle business simulation game, the player will be carrying the load to manage a hell and ensure that the sinners are adequately tormented while keeping the operational costs minimum.

The player is summoned directly to the nether world by the devil himself to help solve a problem. He is in a pickle: the sinners riot as they feel the torture is too lenient, so they are unable to attain the minimum level of purity required to enter heaven.

At the start, the devil will provide the players necessities they need to kickstart the project. Players can erect buildings, like the Blood Room and the Torture Field, and polish up the facilities to torment the sinners and generate profit to scale up operations. Of course, the players will not work companionless. They can seek help from the Syaitons, characters based on Indonesian ghost folklore, including gondoruwos, tuyuls, suster ngesots, and kuntilanaks, who can be employed to undertake specific tasks, like cooking, building, guarding, and cleaning the underworld.

Surya Asmoro, the Lead Artist of Arkana Games, says: “We dedicate this game especially for grown-up gamers like us who are at a point in their lives where they are busy with family and work but are craving for the sense of progression provided by games. Bos Neraka Tycoon can be played anytime, anywhere.”

Bos Neraka Tycoon will be developed in 2D art style and planned to be launched for Android in September 2022. Previously, Arkana Games developed Bos Cupang, which received praise for its signature art style and innovative trading system.

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