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Together, we help people coping stress and mental health problems


At Arkana Games, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and healthy (both mental and physical) culture that believes in putting family before crunch.


We're a young, vibrant studio that has the added advantage of nursing veterans from some of Indonesia's greatest game studios and entrepreneurs.

We endorse a flexible working policy that enables the team to benefit from a more manageable and enjoyable work/life balance. We actively encourage our team to life a healthy lifestyle and provide programs to help you stay in shape.


On top of that, we are currently implement a full working-from-anywhere policy that enables our team to work from their favorite beaches.


Speculative Application

We always like to hear from talented individuals looking to join our team. If you think that you’d be a good fit, then get in contact!

Send your CV to nerds[at]

2D Artist (Intern)

Open for our September 2022 intake. You will be exposed to the world of game development. After this internship, we make sure you are battle-ready to enter game development industry.

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